Touring the MTC expansion

Grandma and Grandpa Easton, Grandma and Grandpa Schlappi, Mike and Easton Family toured the Provo Missionary Training Center Expansion on August 11th. Tender feelings/emotions were felt as my thoughts turned to Ridge/Costa Rica.  Missing Ridge…Mom
“Hello Elder Easton….Your angel mother got tickets for the family to tour the new MTC (two 6-story buildings add the old MTC your knew….The huge windows looking out at the mountains, big rooms the can hold large groups of missionaries listening to the visiting general authorities and other guest speakers. More class room and misc. absolutely wonderful for the many many missionaries. The many missionaries that are presently in the MTC were serving as ushers to the many visiting these new facilities. How wonderful our church leaders have made this available for the public to be a part of. Mike joined us and afterward guess where we went?????Brick Oven Pizza….awesome. That very day your darling (used to be little sister) got her drivers license. Pretty amazing! She’s so beautiful but not only that as sweet as ever. It’s so fun to watch her develops and matures into such a beautiful, graceful, precious daughter of God. Love That Girl! Love this quote I found from Elder Neal A Maxwell…..”We tend to think of consecration only as yielding up, when divinely directed, our material possessions. But ultimate consecration is the yielding up of oneself to God.” Let me close with this quote….from President Hinckley…”I love the priesthood of this Church. It is a vital, living thing. It is the very heart and strength of this work. It is the power and authority by which God, our Eternal Father, accomplishes His work in the earth.” Have a good week…Be Happy, Love your Work….smile. We love you! Grandma and Grandpa Schlappi (Remember your pioneer ancestors, those that have gone before, their sacrifices, their Faith, and love of the gospel!) We are so blessed!!!!


Afterwards we hit Brick Oven for Pizza, Pasta and Salad.  Friday Night Family Fun!!

VIDEO: Provo MTC Expansion Tour

2017 July California Cousins Retreat

California Cousins

We had a cousin Fest here at Aunt jewels and Uncle Brad’s in California July 17th to July 23rd.  It was happy chaos for a full week with Collette, Kennedy, Cole, his friend Isaac, Makale, Dani and their cousin Avery, and let’s forget to mention Corrie to make things more exciting we also had Lindsay with her 3 kids, Brad and myself to make it a house full. Everyone bedded down on the floor couches beds anywhere they could find. Memories include a day at Knott’s Berry Farm. A pool day with a cool slide and cliff, Mission Bay Beach day, our pit stop at EOS Fitness to shower and clean up…. Loved the sauna party but left all 4 swimsuits! Little Mermaid outdoor play that night with a free dinner from Sonic because they forgot two of our burgers.!! Kennedy was amazing and courageous, spending the night without her mom for two nights. Highlight for Jules: a two-hour clean up party instigated by Aunt Colette. Lawns were mowed, weeds were pulled, windows were washed, house was clean, kitchen was organized and the playroom upstairs was perfectly organized to Perfection by Kennedy and Danny…. More clean than it’s ever been….a great service from the cousins! Brad was a good sport as the Schlappi invasion blossomed into a full-blown takeover! Makale was frantically searching the house for her wallet and $100 in cash…. the troops were enlisted and it was found in the dress ups after a sweet uttered prayer by 5-year-old Alaina. Lots of driving in California traffic, the kids weren’t a fan but we had fun conversations in the car and Bop-It competitions. Corrie loved having her cousin’s around — great time! Aunt Juls
“It was WONDERFUL to just be with the kidos and of course JULS was a JEWEL in letting us thrash her house.”  Already looking forward to being with my sista’s again Aunt CoCo



2017 Colton’s 18th Birthday

Camber Freeman’s Birthday Surprise Video


  • Grandma/Grandpa Easton early Birthday visit.
  • Beto’s Birthday Breakfast: Jeff, Gage and Colton
  • Culver’s Shakes Mike, Mom, Camber and Colton
  • Birthday Surprise: Camber Freeman
  • Birthday Hammock from Costa Rica: Ridge…Miss you Man..
  • Birthday Jersey quilt from Mom
  • Firehouse Lunch: Camber, Mom, Colton
  • Texas Road House Dinner: Gage, Jeff, Mom, Camber, Colton
  • Despicable Me 3 Movie


Happy Birthday From Elder Easton


2017 Freeman Friends and Family Lake Powell Trip


2017 Lake Powell



2017 Lake Powell Back Flip

Lake Powell High Cliff Jump


We were super happy to have a piece of the Freeman’s as we were able to watch their Dog RIO while they were in Lake Powell.  He is super obedient and loves to play Fetch. He sure enjoyed going biking and walking with our family.  He was super Fond of Dad.   He doesn’t like being tied down and wearing a Leash.  We miss having him in our home, however don’t miss the Dog Hair!!



2017 Annual Hay Bailing in Fairview

Dad, Colton, Gage, Jagger and myself went down to Fairview to help Tyler and Tilly do their annual Bailing Hay.  Missed Ridge this year..






Mom and Dad:
Good morning. I wanted both of my parents to know what a positive experience I/we had this weekend with my family in Fairview.   Thank you for your generosity and willingness/trust to take your car. Although,it wasn’t ideal/economical and efficient it provided an opportunity to connect/nourish Coltons and myself relationship. Dad U didn’t have to pay your grandchildren but I thought it was genius/perfect and so received with appreciation and perhaps stumped your grandchildren and went up and beyond what grandparents obligations/duty/mantle. And I know both of you have much to offer. however, from your daughter’s perspective your wisdom/unity was magical for me this weekend. Thanks for strengthening/nourishing my testimony of family/loyalty/goodness this weekend. By the way dad Malia, Heinrich and jaggers enjoyed your suckers u left for them in the car. U might want to take another trip to the bank to replenish!!
With all my love Jenn

Makale’s 16th Birthday

Makale had 16 of the finest men in her life(uncles, brothers, friends) deliver her 16 Roses throughout the day.  She also spent her birthday at Girls camp in Moab…





Makale mentioned for her 16th birthday she was back in Hawaii..So I thought I would put a Hawaii photo to remind her of that awesome trip.. We love you Makale…




Fowlers Birthday Song to Makale

Uncle Mike’s Birthday Tribute

Uncle Tyler’s Birthday Tribute

Birthday Song from Family..Ugh

Gage Birthday Tribute

Wanted to share I thought u should know as her young women’s leader

Today makale is receiving her patriarchal blessing. Personal scripture that she has been seeking and preparing for quite sometime now. I have thought often about the scripture D&C 122:2 in her preparation.
“While the PURE in Heart, and the WISE and the NOBLE, and the VIRTUEOS, shall seek counsel, and authority, and blessings constantly from under thy hand.”
She has already asked many of u to fast with her this day. today take a moment to pray/think of Makale. When I think of Makale the scripture that resonates with me is:
Proverbs 31 “Strength and honour are her clothing; She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
she is exquisite!!
Love u so much makale.