Temple Challenge/Miracles


Hey family I sent an email last night about a family temple miracle challenge but figured you’d read a text before an email so I’ll try to sum this up in a short text. I feel like we need as a family to have miracles come into our lives and need additional help that comes with strength in numbers. I heard about this idea from a friend who said their family planned a month of service someone going to the temple each day during the month. If you don’t have a recommended, that’s ok. Do some me family history work, go to the temple grounds and pray etc. The idea is to work together as a family to bless our lives with the miracle and blessings of the temple. I’ve attached a google drive doc that you can put your name down for a day. I’ll text to remind you but please don’t feel pressured. We want this to be a wonderful experience. Please join our family for a month of miracles. Love you all Lynette

Hi sweet family this past week we started our Family temple miracle month and it has been so sweet to see the outpouring of support. I counted up 7 different temples we were able to visit from Idaho all the way to California. We have 3 weeks left and would love for everyone to participate if they can. Just a reminder if you can’t get to the temple you can still do indexing or family history work. It all helps with serving and sacrificing and helping to bless all of our families with miracles. 

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Weekly Texts/Video to Easton Family

I decided to start something new/out of the box with my Family.  Ridge challenged me almost a year ago to text my children prayers throughout the day.  Although I am faithful about praying…I hesitated to send them a prayer.  I believe in my son and his wisdom and felt impressed to start sending quotes/scriptures and or short video clips.. I believe by sending subliminal messages hopefully will sink deep within their hearts that they know their mom believes/testimony of the Savior and God’s plan for each and everyone of us.  

Self Reliance is  a Principle of Salvation:

Ponder John 10:10 “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” 

Texts to Family:

Sept 5th:
Super excited to study the Book of Mormon with u this year!!
What is the Book of Mormon? A 60-Second Overview. mom
Sept 6th
“We can count on this promises/blessings if we do our part!!”
Sept 7th
“Every day is a day I can make PROGRESS if I decide to do something different to improve what I’ve done poorly in the past. If you do it with faith, exercising FAITH and HOPE in Christ that He will be there helping you, you will find the way to make progress in temporal and spiritual things.”
Have a good day!!
Sept 8th
“We oftentimes believe, “I’m going to have this perfect understanding, and then I’m going to transform that into what I do.” I would suggest that we have ENOUGH to get started. We have a sense of the right direction. Faith is a principle–the principle–of action and of power. True faith is focused in and on the Lord Jesus Christ and always leads to action.”
Have a good day.
Go knights!!!